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Ms. Hemlata Kheria and Ms Shamina Shafiq, Member, NCW visited BSF Camp at Jaisalmer on 23rd February, 2013

A team of consisting Ms. Hemlata Kheria and Ms. Shamina Shafiq Members, NCW visited Jaisalmer border areas in order to overview the women situation in the belt attached to BSF camps. During this process, the team accompanied by BSF officials met sarpanch of village Mithauda, situated in border area, adjoining BSF camps, when local villagers, including a sizeable number of women were also present. During the interaction some startling facts came to the notice of the team. This village is a cluster of about 40 shanties. There is rampant Illiteracy. No medical facility either private or public is available. They have to go nearby town/city in case of emergency which is cumbersome. Their houses are name sake. Their 40 huts are scattered in a group of two or more far away from each other. In their local dialect, they call these huts ‘Dhaura’. Their major source of livelihood is animal husbandry. They sell their produce of milk to the cooperatives. Agriculture produce is hardly sufficient to meet their both ends.