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Southern Regional Level Workshop on Strategizing Advocacy for Effective Implementation of Women Friendly Laws Organised by National Commission for Women and Women Power Connect

The Southern Regional workshop on “Strategizing Advocacy for Effective Implementation of Women Friendly Laws” organized by WomenPowerConnect and the National Commission for Women was held in Chennai on 25 January 2012. The workshop brought together representatives from government agencies, legal bodies, academics and non-government organizations from across Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu including Smt. Anita Agnihotri, Justice Prabha Sridevan, Justice D. Sreedevi, Ms Jyoti Nirmala, Ms. Saraswati Rangaswamy, Ms. Bimla Chandrasekar and Centre for Social Work Director Dr. Ranjana Kumari to discuss concerns regarding the implementation women friendly legislation.